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Dear Mr. Ignatieff:

The English version of the Nuclear Age was recently completed and I am very pleased to offer this book to you. I wrote it with my own feelings, as responsible at Electricité de France for designing, constructing and operating nuclear power plants for more than ten years. My wish is to inform better the public about the nuclear energy around the world. In Canada this book is distributed for the English version by Euro-American — Consulting and Services, Inc., 516 Fifth Avenue, 11507, New York 10036-7501, U.S.A., (212) 398-9746; and for the French version by Quebec Livres, 4435 Blvd des Grandes Prairies, Montreal, PQ H1R 3N4, (514) 327-6900. Contact: M. Germain LaPierre.

Jacques Leclercq, (Mr. Leclercq is senior vice-president, Electricité de France.)

Toronto Advocacy Centre for the Elderly is funded through Legal Aid by the Ontario Government and is doing useful work, I think. If you know of people 60 years of age or older who have a strong interest in legal problems, let me know. The Board rotates its members so there are 2-3 vacancies every Sept.

Address of ACE: 120 Eglinton E., Ste. 902, Toronto. 487-7157.

John Buttrick, Waterloo, Ont.

Dear Dr. Roulston:

I am graduating this term and I am taking a 6-month contract in Copenhagen, Denmark. Please accept the enclosed cheque with my thanks for a job well done.

Brian Wheeldon

Winnipeg, Man.

The Science for Peace material arrived and I shall share it with friends. It is great to know that Science for Peace is a strong growing movement. It has come a long way since the days of the Peace Research Institute that Norman Alcock headed and had made contacts with us in Winnipeg then.

Nena & Bert Woodward


There’s so much egg on the faces of Messrs Reagan, Weinberger and Shultz (should I say, on our faces?) that I am beginning to feel sorry for them. For the peace movement it may be support-alienating to spoof these recurrent gaffes and misfortunes. It is a thin line.

Murray Wilton

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