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In Memoriam: David Horwood

Coming so quickly after the loss of Hans Zimmermann, the fledgling Quebec chapter suffered last July a further grievous blow with the sudden and dreadfully pre-mature death of David Horwood. David, a Director of Science for Peace, had been one of the most devoted and energetic members of our chapter, and shortly before his death had been asked to serve as the next president His background was far from that of many SfP members. Having graduated Hons. BA in English from McGill in 1970, he moved into the field of computer programming, and subsequently established his own software company. During the course of these professional activities he developed a most comprehensive and detailed understanding of the command and control systems that lie behind the nuclear forces of the superpowers, and became very much aware of the fragility and insufficiency of these systems. The danger of accidental war came to preoccupy him, and at the time of his death he was planning a book, “Uncertain Security”, to which various members of Science for Peace had been asked to contribute. He had also taken the first steps to organize a conference on NORAD. But besides the technical expertise that underlay his concerns, David was moved by the strongest compassion for his fellow humans. His childhood experiences in India and elsewhere had left him with a deep sympathy for the under privileged everywhere, a feeling that went beyond the immediate issues of war and peace, although he realized, of course, that without peace all other questions are meaningless. David not only had a very wide knowledge of music and the arts, but also a familiarity with the sciences that was quite exceptional for someone with his background. We mourn the loss of a rare individual.

— J. M. Pearson

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