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Genetics and Biotechnology Working Group

For 15 months I have tried to function at the University of Alberta as Chair of the Working Group on Genetics and Biotechnology while separated from the Science for Peace Centre in Toronto. This has presented problems. Often I had to take actions (signing petitions, sending letters to Government Ministers or comments to Government web pages) in a time frame that did not allow me to seek approval from the Centre. In these cases, I did not sign or act in the name of SfP. I believe that this is regrettable and I urge that an Ontario based Chair be sought or a rapid and effective means of communication be implemented as soon as possible.

I call the attention of members to the existence of an excellent and important Web and email site, The Institute of Science in Society

The Editor is Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, m. w.ho@i Director,Instituteof Science in Society & Editor, Science in Society (a new quarterly magazine) PO Box 32097, London, NW1 0XR. Dr. Ho along with our Dr. Cummins at UWO have marshalled a formidable array of evidence against the continued use or additional introduction of GMO plants.

These evidences include:

1. Lack of evidence of the genetic stability of GMO plants made using the cauliflower mosaic virus which tends to move in the genome leading to reshuffling and activation of unexpected genes and increased likelihood of gene transfer for herbicide resistance to wild organisms. Positive evidence of this instability has been produced and should be a basis for exclusion of GMO plants from use.

2. Evidence that naked DNA from GMO plants is present and persists in soil where they are grown and is taken up by soil bacteria.

This and much more is available from the ISIS website.

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