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Jim King, Dept. of Physics, U. of Toronto, has become associate director of research for the Toronto area.

In Ottawa and among our members there is interest in preparing one or two background papers on chemical and biological warfare, addressing issues of verification, recent use and future development plans. There is identifiable foreign expertise on these topics, particularly within the Pugwash Chemical Warfare Study Group. An aim of any group we can establish will be to absorb this expertise and bring it to the Canadian scene.Arthur Forer, Dept. of Biology, York Univ., Downsview, Ont. M3J 1P3, tel: (416) 736-5398, has agreed to lead a study group for SfP. The mission of the group at this stage is to establish communication channels between Canadian experts in various aspects of the topic and to develop within the group up-to-date expertise on the subject so as to be able to formulate positions for Science for Peace and to influence public opinion and have an input to public policy;

The group will develop its own dynamics and maintain a cooperative liaison with the regional research directors. The first step seems to be for those SfP members interested to communicate directly with Dr. Forer and to declare specific areas of interest and expertise.

The way is open for the formation of other working groups. Hopefully the network we have established across the country can begin to make such efforts work quickly once the need or interest is articulated.

— Paul LeBlond Dept. of Oceanography, UBC Vancouver, B.C. V6S 2C4

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