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Dundurn Press and Science for Peace announce _United Nations Reform: Looking Ahead After Fifty Years

The United Nations, after 50 years, is in need of reform. It can respond adequately to the political, economic and environmental crises of the 1990s only if its member-nations live up to the lofty ideals of the U.N. charter. Without reform, the U.N. will lack the credibility and capability to meet the challenges of the imbalanced and alienated world whose outline is now on the horizon of the 21st century.

Canadians have made unique contributions to the functioning of the U.N. in its first half-century. The 25 distinguished authors and commentators writing here include John Polanyi and Geoffrey Pearson. The papers fall into the following categories: The U.N. system, peace and security, human rights, environment and development, and international law, each section being introduced by a commentary on the papers. A prologue by Geoffrey Grenville Wood (past president UNA, Canada), and epilogue by Douglas Roche (past ambassador for disarmament ) complete the book.

The book is designed for the general reader who will gain considerable insight into how the U.N. operates (or fails to work) at present, and learn of proposals for its reform. It is at the same time suitable for courses in International Relations in the U.S.A., U.K., Australia, etc., as well as in Canada. This book will provide a valuable Canadian perspective in this 50th anniversary year of the United Nations.

350 pages, 150 × 230 mm 0-88866-9534 March 1995 Dundurn Press /Science for Peace

Eric Fawcett is the founding president of Science for Peace. Hanna Newcombe is a director of the Peace Research Institute, Dundas.

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