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CPREA 1999 Conference in Lennoxville

Members of Science for Peace are cordially invited to attend and/or give papers at the 34th annual conference of the Canadian Peace Research and Education Association (CPREA) June 8-10, 1999 at Bishop’s University, Lennoxville, Quebec. Many of our interests in SfP and CPREA do coincide and it is a rather opportune time to participate in both organizations, as may be seen in the description of the conference which follows.

CPREA is a small organization dedicated to enlarging the role of peace research and peace education in universities and schools throughout Canada. The organization seeks to collaborate with other national and international organizations in developing peace studies by programs, grants, and government relations. The dissemination of transdisciplinary peace research, facilitating contact between researchers and educators, the popularization of peace research and the creation of peace research agencies is all part of CPREA’ s mandate. Peace Research: The Canadian Journal of Peace Studies serves as CPREA’ s official organ. The organization has its own listserv and web pages

While we want to encourage all attendees to participate with the preparation and delivery of professional papers as they see fit, we would like to encourage those attending to help us think through the impact that CPREA can have in Canada and beyond and hence propose the following categories:

  1. Cooperation.

  2. Canadian Government.

  3. Consortia.

  4. Civil Society.

Are you interested in presenting on one of the topics listed above? On another topic? Please let us know as soon as possible what topic you are interested in.

Please respond to this request ASAP and let the 1999 CPREA Program Committee know how you would like to participate. We value your perspective and look forward to an informative and exciting conference.

If you wish more information or want to participate in the conference or its planning, contact Larry J. Fisk, President of CPREA, Assoc. Prof. of Political Studies, Mount St. Vincent University, Halifax, N.S., B3M 2J6, email phone (902)457-6226, fax (902)457-645

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