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TORONTO CHAPTER held its second annual meeting April 7. Officers for the coming year are Ray Kapral (president), Phyllis Creighton (secretary), and Stan Jeffers (treasurer). Other members of the executive committee are Jim King (v.p. research) and Terry Gardner (v.p. education). Members of the Board are Janis Alton, Eric Fawcett, Myriam Fernandez, Kateryna Kaufman, Lee Lorch, Gwen McGrenere, Andrew Pakula, Chester Sadowski, and Arnold Simoni.

Eric Fawcett will continue as seminar coordinator. The 1986-87 series of seminars and lectures will be published as the first year book of the Chapter.

Annabel Cathrall, Engineers for Nuclear Disarmament, summarizes the Wednesday evening lecture series and will make these summaries available through the Bulletin.

Science For Peace — Ottawa

Their project “Life in a Nuclear Winter” won for the Misses Elizabeth Henderson and Andrea Grigotza the Ottawa Regional Youth Science Fair Peace from Science award, an exhibit place at the Canada-wide Fair in Mississauga May 10-17, where their exhibit will compete for the National Peace from Science award. They have also been invited to the International Science Fair to be held in Quebec City in July.

Chapter officers for 1987-88 are Angelo Mingarelli, president, and James Neelin, secretary-treasurer.

Setting up the national Peace from Science award has taken most of the Chapter’s energy this past year. The Chapter hosted three visitors, West German Ambassador Wolfgang Behrends, and SfP board members Robert Malcolmson and Anatol Rapoport. The Ottawa chapters of

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