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Canadian Defence

Five Canadians: Jeffrey Simpson(Globe & Mail Ottawa columnist), Joel Sokolsky (Assistant poli-sci prof at Royal Military College Kingston),John Lamb (director Cdn Centre for Arms Control and Disarmament), Steve Shallhorn (Greenpeace Ottawa), and William Epstein (formerly director of disarmament in the UN Secretariat,now at UNITAR), discuss the Defence Dept. White Paper in the October issue of Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. All select the purchase of nuclear-powered submarines as the crux of concern — either pro or anti — the proposed Canadian Defence Policy.

“It seems grotesque,” writes Epstein, “that Canada should now be the first non-nuclear country — and the first non-nuclear party to the Non-Proliferation Treaty of 1968 — to advocate the production, conversion, and / or transfer of peaceful fissionable material to military purposes.”

If the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is unavailable to you, this Bulletin will copy the section for you.

MIT MacArthur Fellow, Thomas Homer-Dixon, speaking on “Plutonium Over Canada”, introduced Canadian Student Pugwash-Scarborough to colleagues at Scarborough College, U of T,on 29 September. This first meeting attracted over 40 — the membership of the new student group is approaching 60. Faculty advisors are all SfP members: S. Whalen, Humanities, L. King, Physical Science, and A. Weatherley, Biological Science. Pres. Leslie Collins is contact person: C-6 Scarborough Residence, 286-6186.

The International Institute of Concern for Public Health plans to launch a newsletter (yet to be named) in November. Those interested are invited to a “Stuffing Party” (envelopes, that is) Oct. 20 at the home of Nancy Jackman, 184 Roxborough Drive in Toronto, 7:30 pm. Rosalie Bartell will be present to brief on the Global Conference of Radiation Victims in New York in September.

Call 533-7351 for more information.

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