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Canada in Afghanistan

“There will be some who want to cut and run, but cutting and running is not my way and it’s not the Canadian way,… We don’t and we will not, as long as I’m leading this country.” Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper

“Looking at some of the major foreign policy issues facing us today, I am troubled by the direction and tone being taken by the Harper government… They show an alarming disregard for our strengths and traditional priorities in foreign affairs.” Liberal Leadership Candidate, Bob Rae

“This is an agonizing mission for Canadians but it’s a mission that amounts to a moral promise….. It’s a promise in which Canada said `We’re going to help Afghans get their country back on its feet.’ And the Canada I love and the Canada I respect always keeps its promises.” Liberal Leadership Candidate & MP, Michael Ignatieff

“It’s not balanced. It doesn’t represent the equilibrium between humanitarian aid, reconstruction and comprehensive peace process that Canadians would want to see.” Jack Layton, Leader of the NDP

“This war has nothing to do with rendering `humanitarian relief’ or defending `freedom and democracy’ in Afghanistan. In fact, Canada is propping up a corrupt and illegitimate regime of warlords and heroin traffickers. What’s more, this `mission’ is helping to carry out Washington’s dirty work in the entire region, freeing up U.S. forces for its continued bloody occupation in Iraq. “ Communist Party of Canada

“The Green Party of Canada is opposed to extension of the Canadian military deployment to southern Afghanistan beyond the scheduled February 2007 end date… we now need to shift training and security assistance to predominantly Muslim UN member nations. Also, we need to increase and better equip Afghan Army troops directly involved in counter-insurgency operations.” Green Party’s Foreign Affairs critic, Eric Walton.

“Il importe de se questionner sur le changement de mission, son coût financier et humain, son efficacité et sa durée. Et c’est pour cette raison que le Bloc Québécois a exigé un débat au Parlement afin de faire la lumière sur ces questions. Ce débat permettrait de prendre une décision éclairée pour la suite des choses.” Bloc Québécois

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