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CALL FOR NOMINATIONS for the next Board of Directors and Executive.

The Annual General Meeting of Science for Peace will take place in about two months, so that nominations are now needed for election to the new Board of Directors. The present Board is listed in this year’s brochure. As usual, the terms of office of about half of the present Board end in 1988; all are eligible for nomination, as well as people who are not now on the Board. The present Board has 7 women and 34 men, the largest percentage of women that we have had, but still unbalanced in gender representation. The terms of office of the following members of the Board of Directors end in 1988:

Walter Dorn (Toronto), Philip Ehrensaft (Montreal), Cynthia Folzer (Waterloo), Terry Gardner (Toronto), David Horwood (Montreal), Robert M. Korol (Hamilton), Margarida Krause (Fredericton), Michael Lanphier (Toronto), Paul LeBlond (Vancouver), Robert Malcolmson (Kingston), Peter Nicholls (St. Catharines), David Parnas (Kingston), Derek Paul (Toronto), David Roulston (Waterloo), Norman Rubin (Toronto), Frank Thompson (Waterloo), Lynn Trainor (Toronto), Michael Wallace (Vancouver), Philip Wallace (Pointe Claire).

All of the Executive positions — President, Executive Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, are open for nominations. Elections to these positions will take place at the Board meeting immediately following the Annual General Meeting. Send nominations to the Chairman of the Nominating Committee, Science for Peace, University College, Toronto, M5S 1A1.

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