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  1. May 6-7: Conference on European Security and the MBFR Talks. Croft Chapter House, University College, U of T. Conference Director – Derek Paul, Sec’y S4P.

  2. May 8: 3 pm in the Dean’s Conference Room of the Medical Science Bldg U of T,the annual board meeting of Science for Peace.

  3. May 8: 8 pm in the Croft Chapter House of University College, U of T, the annual general members’ meeting of Science for Peace.

  4. May 10-11: John Polanyi speaks during the Nuclear Winter Symposium in the Senate Chamber of the Ross Bldg York U. Open to the public.

  5. May 24,31: 7:30 pm. ACT seminars with S4P members Lynn Trainor and Andrew Pakula. Telephone: 362-0354 × 9434.

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