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THE Bulletin has published two excerpts from the Notices of the American Mathematical Society about problems of military funding of mathematical research. Chandler Davis, who has been involved in the drama as it has developed, has now made available to SfP members a backgrounder on the issue.

“NO OTHER MEASURE of nuclear arms control can be so easily and effectively verified as a total test ban,” writes William Epstein in the Feb. 26 Christian Science Monitor.

Epstein and Franklyn Griffiths have articles in the April Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: “Nuclear Testing — Illusion and Reality” by Epstein and “‘New Thinking’ in the Kremlin” by Griffiths. The Bulletin can copy all three on request.

Eric Fawcett has made available a selection of scientific papers and essays presented at the Feb. 14-16 Moscow Forum on the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. Included is a summary of Fawcett’s and Derek Paul’s contribution to the Forum: “Conventional and Chemical Disarmament as Confidence-building Measures Leading to Nuclear Disarmament”. From the Bulletin.

AVAILABLE FROM The Group of 78, 145 Spruce St., Room 206, Ottawa ON KIR 6P1, its new publication, Canada and Common Security: the Assertion of Sanity. This publication was delivered in March to the Prime Minister, Members of Parliament, External Affairs, and to a number of policy-makers outside Canada. Featured are articles by SfP President George Ignatieff and board members Ursula Franklin, Robert Malcolmson and _Derek Paul.

Anatol Rapoport, The Study of Conflict, address delivered at the University of Michigan March 8.

Margot Norris, “Teaching the Literature of War” from ESA, The University of Michigan, Winter, 1987. Available from the Bulletin.

Canadian arms sales amount to $3 billion/year. – Ernie Regehr

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