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Focus: Moscow. Robert Hunter (pres., SANA-Australia) Moscow Forum Report; Mikhail Gorbachov’s address to the Forum; and Time’s (March 16) interview with Andrei Sakharov.

TASS, Proposal by Warsaw Treaty Countries to NATO April 10, 1987. Copies available from the Bulletin.

From TIME, March 16, 1987: Andrei Sakharov, “Of Arms and Reforms”.

Recommended: Two important March, 1987 CIIPS publications: Lorne Green, “Maintaining Peace with Freedom: Nuclear Deterrence and Arms Control”, Points of View, No. 4. The director of Nuclear and Arms Control Policy at the Dept. of National Defence outlines the philosophical justification for a policy of nuclear proliferation.

John R. Walker, “Canadian Press Coverage of Arms Control and Disarmament Issues”, Pointa 06 View, No. 3. A columnist for Southam News inspects the quality of information on international issues available through Canada’s press.

Write CIIPS, 307 Gilmour St., Ottawa KIP 0P7.

New in Penguin paperback this spring: George Ignatieff, The Making of a Peacemonger.

Elizabeth Wilton, The Role Of The United Nations With Reference To Canada, an essay in relation to the Peace Studies Syllabus for the United World College of the Atlantic.(From the Bulletin.)

Derek Paul, Peace Research, available by courtesy the Int’l Pugwash organization, Feb., 1987.

From Scientific American, April, 1987, Theodore Taylor, “Third Generation Nuclear Weapons”. He suggests that the new nuclear warheads now in the development stage will be a quantum change since fission and fusion weapons. The new nuclear warheads will be able to deliver thousands of times more energy (enhanced radiation) and will be “ideally suited for the SDI program”.

From the same issue: R&D on germ warfare has risen from $10 to $60 million under the Reagan administration.

Arnold Simoni

Keith Rayney calls our attention to the article, “Rethinking the means for international security” in Vol 11 No.4, April 1987, The Institute, IEEE News Supplement to Spectrum.

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