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William Epstein, Is Canada Joining The Arms Race? Original manuscript. From the Bulletin.

Arthur Forer’s update on Chemical And Biological Weapons, a March, 1987 paper describes current world policy and research with respect to chemical and biological warfare,in particular, Canadian research activities.

Walter W. Zessner, Technological Utopianism: Towards a Dynamic Analysis of Paradoxical Relations Between Visionary and Utopian Ideations.

An open letter to the Hon. Daniel Inouye, U.S. Senate, re Iran-Contra Hearings from Murray Wilton, Toronto.

Frank Chalk and Kurt Jonassohn, “A Typology of Genocide and Some Implications for the Human Rights Agenda”, from Genocide And The Modern Age — Etiology And Case Studies Of Mass Death, edited by Isidor Wallimann and Michael N. Dobkowski, Greenwood Press, New York, Connecticut, London, 1987. MSS from the Bulletin.

Pamela Colorado and Sam Kounosu, Native Philosophy Of Peace. An introduction to Native philosophy and a Native American way of speaking about Peace.

Published in May, 1987 by Academic Press, A.H. Weatherley and H.S. Gill, The Biology Of Fish Growth.

Reviewed in Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists: Science and Society: A Directory to Information Sources, Volume 1, Defence and Arms Control by Canadian Student Pugwash: “The book carries a distinct Canadian bias in source selection, but this detracts marginally from its utility in light of the international scope of the nuclear dilemma.” (August issue)

Die Zukunft Europas: Probleme der Friedensgestaltung, by Dieter Senghaas, “— a comprehensive attempt to put the military issue into a broader political perspective.” (May)

New: a publication of the Int’l Social Science Council: The Quest For Peace, Transcending Collective Violence And War Among Societies, Cultures And States, edited by Raimo Vayrynen in collaboration with Dieter Senghaas and Christian Schmidt — foreword by Javier Perez de Cuellar. 26 authors are represented in this transdisciplinary study of warfare as a human institution, of the roots, manifestations and consequences of collective violence in human institutions. Sage Publications, 1987.

The Bulletin can provide you with an overview of the American Academy of Arts & Science’s Study, Crisis Stability and Nuclear War, which appeared in the Academy’s Bulletin in May. The study, in its entirety, has been published by Oxford University Press.

The same issue of the Bulletin contains an important report on the status of IIASA (Vienna), the funding consortium’s efforts to renew US government funding, and a survey of IIASA’s ongoing programs. Former director, C.S. Holling (B.C. Chapter) is currently an associate research director of SfP.

A New Actor on the Canadian Scene:

The Canadian Peace Educators’ Network and its sponsor, Pembina Institute for Appropriate Development have launched a new quarterly publication: Peace Education News. For information, write the Pembina Institute, P. O. Box 839, Drayton Valley, Alberta TOE OMO.

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