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Books reviewed in the Summer, 1985 DISARMAMENT (A publication of the UN Dept. of Disarmament, Room DC2-853, UN, New York 10017) include Thomas Perry’s and Dianne DeMille’s Nuclear War: The Search For Solutions, proceedings of the Oct. ’84 Vancouver Canadian Confer­ence on Nuclear War. (Available from the PSR National Office, 100 College St. Toronto M5S 1A1, or order through SfP.)

Write to the United Nations if you cannot get the following books in your local bookstores:

David Fischer & Paul Szasz, Safeguarding the Atom: A Critical Appraisal, Josef Goldblatt editor and author of the conclusions and recommendations. SIPRI, London, Taylor & Francis, 1985.

An overview of IAEA safeguards — a vast amount of data not easily avail­able, of interest to both laymen and specialists.

Anatoly Gromyko and Vladimir Lome­iko, A New Way of Thinking in the Nuc­lear Age (Title translated), Moscow, International Relations, 1984.

“The book marks a departure in Soviet political literature. The authors put forth in generalized form the concept of a need for a new way of thinking for the nuclear age, a way which goes beyond former notions of our planet as an arena for hostile military blocks.”

Herman Kahn, Thinking About the Unthinkable in the 1980’s, N.Y., Simon & Schuster, 1984.

“…Given his fatalistic premise that nuclear weapons ‘cannot be disinvented,’ all his efforts focus on how to enhance drift toward deterrence. His primary focus in on the rationale for maintaining a force of nuclear weapons.”

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