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William Epstein, “A Test Ban – Halting the Nuclear Arms Race”.Reprint from the CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR, 23 April. (From the national office.)

CIIPS REPORT on “Negotiations for Peace in Central America”, a Conference Report by Liisa North.

Proceedings of the roundtable on the subject in Ottawa 27-28 Sept. For a free copy, write to CUPS, 307 Gilmour St., Ottawa, K2P 0P7.

William Keeney, “Peace Careers” from Spring 1986 issue of International Peace Studies Newsletter published by Center for Peace Studies, Univ. of Akron, Akron, Ohio 44325 USA. This is a look at an expanding field worldwide ,with no reference to a place for scientists in the overview!

William Bunge, Epilogue from A WORLD IN CRISIS?, Geographical Perspectives, edited by R.J. Johnston and P.J. Taylor, 1986, “Our Planet Is Big Enough for Peace But Too Small for War”. Reprints from the national office.

Union of Concerned Scientists, NUCLEUS, Vol. 8, No, 1, Spring 1986, “What Future for US Strategic Nuclear Forces?” Free from UCS Publications Dept., 26 Church St., Cambridge, Mass 02238, USA.

From the UN Dept. for Disarmament Affairs: The United Nations and Dis­armament: 1945 – 1985,United Nations, Room 3161, New York, NY 10017 USA, or from your local bookstore.

Derek Paul, Chemical and Conven­tional Disarmament as Co-requisites of Nuclear Disarmament, paper delivered to the second All-Unions Conference of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, May, 1986. From the national office.

Ralph K. White, ed., Psychology and the Prevention of Nuclear War, New York University Press, Washington Square, New York, NY 10003 USA, 1986.

This book makes readily accessible the best short selections available that represent a psychological perspective on the present situation of international conflict, on the conflict process and how it is and may be exacerbated or reduced, and on psychological and interactive processes that bear on the likelihood of war.

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