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The Name of the Chamber was Peace

A collection of twelve articles by persons widely recognized for their scholarly contributions to the understanding and advancement of peace. Eleven of the articles are edited versions of recent University College Lectures in Peace Studies. Topics: a role of the universities in the preservation of peace; nuclearism; the Canadian peace movement; the Armageddon neurosis; living in the shadow of continual fear; uses and abuses of terrorism; international law and nuclear arms control; legal aspects of the proposed International Satellite Monitoring Agency; evolution of world society; SDI technology, status and trends; SDI and professional responsibility. A publication of Science for Peace, 1988, 172 pp, edited by Janis Alton, Eric Fawcett, and L. Terrell Gardner. Available for $10 (special offer) from the SfP Office.

Life Begins at 65

Hans Blumenfeld’s autobiography “Life Begins at 65”, was mentioned in last month’s Bulletin. The publisher is Harvest House, Suite 1, 1200 Atwater Ave. Montreal.

The North and Canada’s International Relations

This is the report of the Working Group of the National Capital Branch of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs. It gives a wide-ranging survey of Arctic issues, including scientific and defence matters, and will be of great interest to many members of Science for Peace, especially in view of our forthcoming Arctic conference. The Report has just been published by the Canadian Arctic Resources Committee; copies may be purchased ($20) from the Canadian Institute of International Relations, University College, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A1.

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