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Science for Peace at UNSSOD III

A few non-government groups will be given the opportunity to address the General Assembly of the United Nations directly during the second week of the Third Special Session on Disarmament. Science for Peace has done the preliminary work necessary for this to be a possibility for us; the preparation of our brief statement is beginning. Members who have ideas to offer the drafting group (G. Ignatieff, D. Paul, and W. Dorn) should send them without delay by phone or by electronic mail.

Sanity, Science and Global Responsibility

An International Interdisciplinary Conference at Brock University, July 9-13, 1988 in cooperation with the Global Futures Group at San Diego State University. Further information from: Robert Malone, Program Coordinator, Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada L2S 3A1.

Learned Societies Conference — Call for Papers

A workshop on “Power Elites as War Monger? will be included in the Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Annual Meeting at the Learned Societies Conference, University of Windsor, June 1988. This workshop calls for papers that examine the role of the military-industrial complex in Canada. Please contact: Rose Csicsai, 24 Clyde Street, Hamilton, Ont. L8L 5R4.


The acting editors wish to thank Ian Graham and Frank Jones, of the Chemistry and Physics Departments of the University of Toronto, for giving generously of their time and computer expertise in preparing the March Bulletin for the Press. Ian has again been very helpful in the preparation of this issue.

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