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84.10 More Science For Peace Business

Science For Peace Is Now A Registered Charity!

We reproduce [in the pdf edition — web.ed] a copy of the Notification of Registration issued by Revenue Canada Taxation. We are indebted to Clarkson Gordon, Chartered Accountants, for their help in preparing our submission for registration as a charity.

Charitable Status Means:

  1. We are now able to embark on a serious fund-raising campaign. We shall be approaching foundations, corporations and individuals for financial support for our educational activities and research projects.

  2. Donations by well-heeled members of Science for Peace over and above the annual subscription will be tax-deductible. It is not yet clear what fraction (all ?) of the annual subscription will be tax-deductible.

  3. Activities of Science for Peace should be in accordance with the stated OBJECTIVES:

  4. to conduct and encourage educational and research activities relating to the dangers of war waged with weapons of mass destruction, especially nuclear weapons;

  5. to encourage scientific activities directed towards peace, and to urge the publication and dissemination of the findings of peace research;

  6. to do such things as are incidental and necessary to the attainment of the above objects.

84.11 Nominations For Board Of Directors

Members are invited to submit nominations for the Board of Directors of Science for Peace before March 1 to:

Professor Jon Cohen, Scarborough College, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario M1C 1A4 CANADA.

We remind members that half the Board comes up for re-election at the Annual General Meeting. (EF)

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