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GMOs and Glysophate

Lecture by Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Senior research scientist at MIT

“GMOs and Glysophate”

Sandford Fleming building Room 1105 (Blue Room), 11:00 am. Tickets limited, obtain through:

Join us for this exciting educational lecture by Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Senior Research Scientist, MIT, to hear how glyphosate, Roundup and GMOs are damaging human and environmental health. Dr. Seneff is a highly sought after expert on this subject and has made many public appearances, in the academic world, featured in documentaries, on television and at public lectures. She will share insights and evidence on the results of her research which have shown direct connections to the ever increasing health issues such as autism, cancer, endocrine disruption, digestive problems and much more as a result of the widespread use of Roundup and GMOs in our food supply. This engaging information will be life-changing and empower you to take control of your health. You will understand the urgency of the issues and what needs to change now. What you learn will enrage you, shock you and motivate you to take action with like-minded advocate groups that are educating the public and facilitating real change in agriculture methods, and to end denial in business and governments in order to protect our health and our children’s futures. The very least we can do (individually and collectively) is to pressure Health Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada, and their regulatory bodies, to enforce the application of existing laws for the protection of food and the environment! * Seating is limited, reserve your ticket today! This is a “pay what you can” event. Cash donations can be made at the event to help off-set event costs.


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