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Why Canada Should Leave Nato

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

On the eve of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s 72nd anniversary, the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute hosted a webinar titled “Why Canada should leave NATO” featuring Margaret Kimberley, Tamara Lorincz, Ludo De Brabanderand and Paul Robinson.

Please join Margaret Kimberley from the Black Alliance for Peace, Professor Paul Robinson (University of Ottawa), Belgian peace activist Ludo de Brabander (Vrede vzw) and scholar Tamara Lorincz (Canadian Voice of Women for Peace) for a discussion on the need to leave a nuclear armed alliance that has drawn Canada into wars in Libya, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia as well as recent military missions in Iraq and Latvia.

To view full video recording, please click HERE.

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How to save Canada from a nuclear catastrophe? Dear Canadians, I am a former officer of the Soviet missile forces. Sorry for the bad translation, but I do not know the language, and there is no one to help. This was in 1970. Our unit was in Latvia. I was the officer who was supposed to press the "Start" button, a ballistic missile in a silo version with a multiple nuclear warhead. And this rocket was directed towards Canada. But, we, Soviet officers, did not doubt for a second that we would never be the first to press the "Start" button. We considered ourselves the defenders of peace on Earth and acted in defense of our state only in response…

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