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The Science for Peace video library

Most of the videos listed below are on Science for Peace’s YouTube page, but the list also includes some SfP related videos which are hosted on other sites.

Videos are listed in date order, with the newest in each category appearing first.

Each title is a hyperlink. Please click (or tap, if you are using a touch device) to open and run.

General lectures, panels, and seminars10 September 2016: Sustainable Development by 2030: From your doorstep to the worldAt the Bahen Centre. Keynote speaker: Ravi Karkara, senior adviser, UN secretariat.16 June 2016: Drones and Killer Robots: Canada’s PolicyPanel discussion with Michel Duguay, Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Université Laval; Walter Dorn, Professor of Defence Studies, Royal Military College and Canadian Forces College; and Cesar Jaramillo, Executive Director, Project Ploughshares11 May 2016: War Against the PeopleJeff Halper is founder and director of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions. He has lectured and written much on Israel’s “matrix of control.”18 April 2016: Apartheid in the Health Care of PalestiniansDr Rand Askalan, speaking at the Global Day of Action against Military Spending, 18 April 2016 at Beit Zatoun, Toronto18 April 2016: Demilitarization: The Military/Security Complex in Canada, Palestine/Israel, and Climate ChangeSocial justice advocate Matthew Behrens and peace/climate activist Judy Deutsch at the Global Day of Action against Military Spending forum, 18 April 2016 at Beit Zatoun, Toronto.28 February 2016: Nonviolent Defence in National SecurityDr. Maciej Bartkowski is Senior Director for Education & Research at the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC). This lecture is from the ICNC’s Seminar on Civil Resistance, Feb 27-28, 2016 at the University of Toronto.28 February 2016: Gender and Women in Civil ResistanceShaazka Beyerle is Senior Advisor of the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC). This lecture is from the ICNC’s Seminar on Civil Resistance, Feb 27-28, 2016 at the University of Toronto.28 February 2016: Indigenous Peoples’ Struggles in the US and CanadaTom Hastings, Ed.D., is co-coordinator of the undergraduate program in Conflict Resolution at Portland State University. This lecture is from the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict’s Seminar on Civil Resistance, Feb 27-28, 2016 at the University of Toronto.28 February 2016: External Actors, Right to Assist and Civil ResistanceHardy Merriman, International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC). This lecture is from the ICNC’s Seminar on Civil Resistance, Feb 27-28, 2016 at the University of Toronto.27 February 2016: Managing Repressions, Backfire, DefectionsTom Hastings, Ed.D., is co-coordinator of the undergraduate program in Conflict Resolution at Portland State University. This lecture is from the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict’s Seminar on Civil Resistance, Feb 27-28, 2016 at the University of Toronto.27 February 2016: Unity, Planning, and Nonviolent Discipline in Anti-Corruption CampaignsShaazka Beyerle is Senior Advisor of the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC). This lecture is from the ICNC’s Seminar on Civil Resistance, Feb 27-28, 2016 at the University of Toronto.27 February 2016: Strategies and Tactics of Civil ResistanceHardy Merriman, International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC). This lecture is from the ICNC’s Seminar on Civil Resistance, Feb 27-28, 2016 at the University of Toronto.27 February 2016: Civil Resistance: Main concepts and historical recordsDr. Maciej Bartkowski is Senior Director for Education & Research at the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC). This lecture is from the ICNC’s Seminar on Civil Resistance, Feb 27-28, 2016 at the University of Toronto.27 June 2015: Science for Peace AGM presentations2015 Science for Peace AGM discussions18 June 2015: Authoritarianism and Dissent12 June 2015: Nuclear Precipice: Ukraine, Russia, and patterns of US hegemony22 February 2015: Ukraine and Russia: Prospects for Peace, Panel 3What are Some Solutions? Panelists: John Feffer, Andre Kamenshikov, Andriy Kulykov (via Skype from Kyiv). Moderator: Doug Saunders.22 February 2015: Ukraine and Russia: Prospects for Peace, Panel 2Who Has Done What, and Why? Speakers: Paul Robinson, Fred Weir (via Skype from Moscow), and Borys Wrzesnewskyj. Moderator: Metta Spencer22 February 2015: Ukraine and Russia: Prospects for Peace, Panel 1The Background. Speakers: Alexander Likhotal (via Skype from Geneva), Marta Dyczok, Leonid Kosals. Moderator: Olivia Ward.22 January 2015: Global Pacificaton System: Israel and Canada18 November 2014: Endless War? The Middle East and Canada’s New MilitarismPresentations by Tyler Shipley, Humber College; Judith Deutsch, Science for Peace and Canadian Dimension Magazine; Sardar Saadi, University of Toronto; Sabah Nasseri, York University.16 September 2014: Air Power in UN Operations – wings for peaceBook launch for “Air Power in UN Operations – wings for peace” with Professor Walter Dorn and remarks by Lieutenant-General (ret’d) Romeo Dallaire29 May 2014: How to Save the World in a HurryMetta Spencer at Canadian Peace Research Association conference and AGM, Brock University15 April 2014: Launch of Peacemakers by Douglas Roche14 April 2014: Global Day of Action against Military Spending 2014With Richard Sanders and Bruce Gagnon.25 March 2014: Ward Wilson – 5 Myths About Nuclear WeaponsWard Wilson, Senior Fellow & Director of the Rethinking Nuclear Weapons project9 March 2014: Revisiting Violence Against Women – focus TurkeyWhen it comes to gender equality, the World Economic Forum ranks Turkey 127th amongst 136 countries. In the last 3 years, more than 500 women have been murdered due to male jealousy and intolerance…3 March 2014: James Turk – Silence of the LabsJames Turk , Executive Director of the Canadian Association of University Teachers24 February 2014: Doctors and the Pharmaceutical Industry: too close for comfortDr. Joel Lexchin is a physician and Professor of Health Policy at York University21 November 2013: Whither Well Being: How Secure Can You Be?David Harries PhD, PEng26 October 2013: Defensora – panel discussion after premiere screeningDefensora is a documentary about Mayan Q’eqchi’ people resisting mining related harms and violations in Guatemala, and their struggle to seek justice in Canadian courts in precedent setting lawsuit…1 June 2013: Many Questions, Some Answers – SyriaNajib Safieddine speaks at the 2013 Science for Peace AGM on the situation in Syria.26 May 2013: Conversations with Lee Lorcha film by Rachel Deutsch15 April 2013: Global Day of Action against Military Spending 201328 November 2012: Canadian Mining on TrialPrecedent-setting trials continue against Hudbay Minerals nickel mining company for harms and violations against Mayan-Qeqchi people in Guatemala26 November 2012: 2012 Zofia Pakula lecture by Ursula Franklin(audio only)15 October 2012: A Plan to Power 100 Percent of the Planet with RenewablesMark Z Jacobson (Stanford University).1 February 2012: Beyond the BorderBeyond the Border panel with Kent Roach1 February 2012: Beyond the BorderBeyond the Border panel with Emily Gilbert1 February 2012: Beyond the BorderBeyond the Border panel with Audrey Macklin1 February 2012: Beyond the BorderBeyond the Border panel with Stephen Clarkson1 February 2012: Beyond the BorderBeyond the Border panel with John Kirton7 April 2011: State-Corporate Complex: A Threat to Freedom & SurvivalWith Noam Chomsky and Linda McQuaig (436 Mb FLV file download from this website)14 November 2009: Zero Nuclear Weapons: A Forum16 videos from the Toronto City Hall event organized by Science for Peace and Canadian Pugwash Group. Full audio recordings are also available at

Eric Fawcett Memorial Lectures27 October 2016: “Give Cyber Peace a Chance” with Paul Meyer2016 Eric Fawcett Memorial Lecture7 November 2015: Canada as a Voice for Peace and Development? A Post-Election ConversationLloyd Axworthy, former Minister of Foreign Affairs14 November 2014: Responding to ISIS: The role of Canada and the International Community2014 Eric Fawcett Memorial panel15 November 2013: “The Decline of War” with Gwynne Dyer2013 Eric Fawcett Lecture.10 November 2012: Eric Fawcett Panel & Luncheon 2012Luis Moreno Ocampo, former UN prosecutor

Weekly Lecture Series at University College (2011-2018)

2017-18 lecture series4 April 2018: Introduction to DrawdownDavid Burman and Liz Couture, presenters28 March 2018: Faux Real: How Fake News Undermines DemocracyLiz Renzetti, Globe and Mail columnist21 March 2018: The Politics of Genocide RecognitionMaja Catic, Department of Defence Studies, Canadian Forces College14 March 2018: International TaxationWilson Prichard is Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Toronto7 March 2018: Paying for the Big Shift: Tobin Taxes and moreJoy Kennedy is an ecumenical climate activist, World Council of Churches Working Group.28 February 2018: MSF: A Medical Humanitarian OrganizationBruce Lampard, past president of Médecins Sans Frontières in Canada.21 February 2018: How to Save the World: panel discussionPanel discussion chaired by Metta Spencer, with others participating via Facebook Live.14 February 2018: Is Peacekeeping Still for Chumps? Canada’s Tentative Re-engagement with UN Peace OperationsTimothy Donais, Associate Professor of Global Studies, Wilfrid Laurier University.7 February 2018: Canadian Snow and Sea IcePaul Kushner, Professor of Physics, University of Toronto31 January 2018: Building a Cosmopolitan Imagination: The Global Great Books ProjectThomas Ponniah: Professor, Liberal Arts, George Brown College; Lecturer, Harvard University24 January 2018: The Geopolitics of Cyber SecurityJohn Daniele, forensic cyber-security analyst17 January 2018: How to Avoid Cancer, Heart Disease, Pandemics and to Live Forever: Premature Mortality in the 21st centuryPrabhat Jha, lecturer in Global Health, Dalla Lana School of Public Health10 January 2018: Waking the Frog: Solutions to Our Climate ParalysisTom Rand, Senior Advisor, Cleantech; Managing Partner, ArcTern Ventures.6 December 2017: EspionageArne Kislenko, Associate Professor of History, Ryerson University; Adjunct Professor, International Relations Program, Munk School for International Studies29 November 2017: The Crisis of Democracy: Five ParadoxesMelissa Williams, Professor of Political Science, University of Toronto22 November 2017: Unity in DiversityKaren Hamilton, Canadian Council of Churches15 November 2017: Water securityAmy Bilton, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, U. of Toronto1 November 2017: Jihad & Co: Black markets and Islamic powerAisha Ahmad, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Toronto18 October 2017: The Deep Sea Frontier: What are the security risks?John Hannigan, University of Toronto Sociology; Anna Zalik, York University Faculty of Environmental Studies11 October 2017: Climate Smart Food: How Consumer Choice can Fix the Climate and Ensure a Sustainable FutureLloyd Helferty, an engineering technologist specializing in agriculture.4 October 2017: Maximum Canada: Why 35 million Canadians are not enoughDoug Saunders, Globe and Mail international affairs columnist27 September 2017: Gandhi’s influence on contemporary nonviolent leadersJill Carr-Harris, Director, International Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence and Peace20 September 2017: Climate change and food securityRalph Martin, Professor, University of Guelph, specializing in organic and sustainable agriculture13 September 2017: Nuclear disarmament: Universalizing the treatyEarl Turcotte, former UN and disarmament diplomat

2016-17 lecture series5 April 2017: Community Healing Art Mural: Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Student CollaborationVanessa Oliver and the research team “Transformation Action Graffiti” Department of Youth Studies, Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford.22 March 2017: Disarming Conflict: How Wars EndErnie Regehr, Senior Fellow, The Simons Foundation Vancouver15 March 2017: The U.S. Election and the Implications for MexicoJudith Teichman, Professor of Political Science and International Development, University of Toronto8 March 2017: A Different Shade of Green: the new face of the climate movementEmmay Mah, coordinator, People’s Climate Movement; director, Enviromentum, a project of Tides Canada1 March 2017: Tragedy in Syria: Is There a Solution?Milloud Chennoufi, Canadian Forces College15 February 2017: Social Movements for Social ChangeBlake Poland, Associate Professor of Public Health, Dalla Lana School, University of Toronto8 February 2017: Truth, Lies and Democracy: Journalism after TrumpOlivia Ward, journalist and filmmaker1 February 2017: Scientific Realism and Other Forces that Influence Research on Environment and HealthJohn McLaughlin, Professor of Public Health, Dalla Lana School, University of Toronto25 January 2017: Invasive Species in our ForestsSandy Smith Professor of Forestry, University of Toronto. This video is in two parts; please advance to part II after the end of part 1.18 January 2017: Building a World Community: Principles, Strategy, AdvocacyFergus Watt, National Executive Director of the World Federalists Movement — Canada11 January 2017: The Ethics of ImmigrationJoseph H. Carens, Professor of Political Science of the University of Toronto30 November 2016: Turkey’s Struggle for DemocracyMustafa Koç, Professor of Sociology, Ryerson University23 November 2016: Cold Science: The Cold War and Environmental Science in the Canadian ArcticStephen Bocking, Professor of Environmental History, Trent University16 November 2016: Gandhian Village Movement in India: women and nonviolenceLyn Adamson, nonviolence trainer and activist; Lee Ann McKenna, trainer, facilitator, mediator, and author9 November 2016: Towards This Generation’s New Left: Impediments and PossibilitiesRichard Sandbrook, Prof. Emeritus of Political Science, U of Toronto2 November 2016: The Overvaluation TrapAlison Kemper, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship & Strategy, Ryerson U.26 October 2016: IQ Policy and Development in NunavutGail Russel, Course Instructor, Canadian Studies program, U of T.19 October 2016: Women and the Gift Economy: The Alternative ParadigmGenevieve Vaughan, Semiotician and author based in Rome and Texas12 October 2016: What is Terror, Who are the Terrorists, and Why do they Use Terror?Martin Klein, Professor Emeritus of History, University of Toronto21 September 2016: Sustainability: Are we missing the point?Alex Belyakov, The Roots Collaborative founding member

2015-16 lecture series6 April 2016: Windows of Opportunity: How Women Seize Peace Negotiations for Political ChangeMiriam Anderson, Assistant Professor, Department of Politics and Public Administration, Ryerson University30 March 2016: Mediating Peace in Africa: Mediators in the Design of Peace Agreements. The Case of Sudan Khalid Ahmed, Secretary General, Sudanese Canadian Human Rights Organization23 March 2016: Inter-War Period Discussions on ScienceKatherine Anderson, Assoc. Professor, History of Science and Technology, York University. Her own research is focused on the environmental sciences. She is currently interested in scientific expeditions and the ocean environment in the 1920s and 1930s; weather ships; and nineteenth century voyage narratives.16 March 2016: The Social Origins of Human Rights: Protesting Political Violence in Colombia?s Oil CapitalLuis van Isschot, Assistant Professor of History, University of Toronto9 March 2016: Synthetic Genomics: Security and EcologyClement Kent, Department of Biology, York University2 March 2016: Technologies for the Sustainable Development of Small IslandsDr. Peter Meincke is President Emeritus of the University of Prince Edward Island, physicist, engineer, and a founding member of the Group of 78.24 February 2016: Loss of innocence? Physicists and the Atom BombDaniela Monaldi, Course Director, Science and Technology Studies, York U.10 February 2016: Burying Uncertainty: Nuclear Waste Management in CanadaBrennain Lloyd, Project Coordinator, Northwatch27 January 2016: Educate, Advocate, Agitate!: Resisting Mining Injustice Across the AmericasMonica Gutierrez and Rachel Small, organizers with the Mining Injustice Solidarity Network13 January 2016: Violence and Uncivil Society: The Unmaking of PeaceRobert Massoud, Palestinian-Canadian Founder of Zatoun & Beit Zatoun, Toronto2 December 2015: Why is Nuclear Power a Terrible Choice for Ontario?Jim Harris, Journalist on Disruptive Innovation, Sustainability & Energy25 November 2015: Midwifing Change, Midwifing PeaceLee Ann McKenna, Trainer, facilitator, mediator, author18 November 2015: Peace in the Congo: Pragmatic Action to Foster Conflict Resolution and Democracy.Glenys Babcock, President of Pragmora, a Peacebuilding Organization11 November 2015: The Internet Ecosystem, Multistakeholder Governance, and the IANA TransitionSamuel Lanfranco, Professor Emeritus of Economics, York U. and ICANN4 November 2015: The Responsibility to Reconcile Violent ConflictJean de Dieu Basabose, Shalom Educating for Peace, Kigali, Rwanda28 October 2015: Crisis in the Desert: Who Rules the Sahara?Martin Klein, Professor Emeritus of History, University of Toronto21 October 2015: Democratic Peace-building in SchoolsKathy Bickmore, Professor, Curriculum Teaching & Learning, OISE7 October 2015: Bill C-51 and the Federal ElectionJack Gemmell, member, Law Union of Ontario Working Group on National Security30 September 2015: The Nuclear Agreement with IranCesar Jaramillo, Executive Director, Project Ploughshares23 September 2015: The Marshall Islands’ Lawsuits: Seeking to ‘stop this nuclear madness’Debbie Grisdale, Independent Consultant with NGOs, Project Ploughshares16 September 2015: The South China Sea Peace Initiatives: Reviewing History and Regulatory NormsVenilla Rajaguru, Doctoral Student, Science & Technology Studies, York University

This Nuclear Age spring 2015 series1 April 2015: Nuclear Activism: Past, Present, and FutureNeil Arya, M.D., McMaster University25 March 2015: Alternative Energy: Finance, Environment, HealthProfessor Jose Etcheverry, York University18 March 2015: Nuclear Energy’s Future: Its Safety & EnvironmentProfessor John Luxat, McMaster University11 March 2015: Health, Uranium Mining, Managing Fissile MaterialsRichard Denton, M.D. (Northern Ontario)4 March 2015: Nuclear Power and Peaceful Nuclear TechnologyDr. Jeremy Whitlock, Atomic Energy of Canada25 February 2015: Rethinking Nuclear WeaponsMs. Martha Goodings11 February 2015: Proliferation and Control IssuesCesar Jaramillo of Project Ploughshares3 February 2015: The Cuban Missile and Other Nuclear CrisesVinay Jindal, M.D.28 January 2015: The Cold War and Nuclear StrategiesAmbassador Marius Grinius.21 January 2015: Nuclear Fission and the Search For DefencesProfessor John Valleau, University Of Toronto.14 January 2015: Radiation’s Health EffectsCathy Vakil, M.D.7 January 2015: The Origins of Nuclear ScienceMarcin Kuzniak, Ph.D.

2014-15 lecture series26 November 2014: Revolution, War and Terrorism: Evidence From the Family Photo Album.Jack Wayne, Ph.D. Founder of Canadian Scholars Press.19 November 2014: Education for Security Leaders: A Global Survey and Research AgendaLt. Col. (ret.) David Last, Associate Professor of Political Science, Royal Military College5 November 2014: Israel: A Nation-State?abraham Weizfeld, Ph.D. UQAM, Toronto-raised Jewish refugee descendent.29 October 2014: Alternatives to Fossil Fuels: Is the Bio-Economy the Answer We’ve Been Looking For?Kean Birch, Assistant Professor, Business & Society Program, York University.22 October 2014: Big Business and the Re-shaping of North AmericaRichard Roman, Associate Professor Emeritus, Sociology, University of Toronto15 October 2014: Challenges Ahead for KosovoRobert Austin, Ph.D. Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Centre for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies, U of Toronto8 October 2014: International Criminal Law on Trial: An AssessmentJamie Rowen, Assistant Professor (CLTA) of Criminology and Sociolegal Studies, U. of Toronto1 October 2014: Insights about the Ukraine Crisis from a Stay in the CaucasusMatthew Light, Professor of Criminology and European, Russian and Eurasian Studies, U of Toronto.24 September 2014: Nothing Accomplished: Our War in AfghanistanJohn Duncan, Ph.D. Director, Ethics, Society, and Law Program, Trinity College, U of T17 September 2014: Practical Technologies to Save Lives: A Demonstration for Humanitarian, Peacekeeping MissionsWalter Dorn, Professor of Defence Studies, Canadian Forces College and the Royal Military College of Canada10 September 2014: Panel Discussion: The War in Syria and BeyondAtif Kubursi, Emeritus Professor of Economics, McMaster University, Gloria Nafziger, Refugee Campaigner, Amnesty International, and Husam Wafael, Retired Canadian Forces Officer, Founder & President of the Syrian Canadian Foundation for Humanity

2013-14 lecture series3 April 2014: Refugees: Silent Witnesses to War.Mary Jo Leddy, Founder of Romero House for refugees, adjunct professor of theology at Regis College.27 February 2014: Economics of the Global Commons.Frank de Jong.13 February 2014: Constitution and Strategy: Understanding Canadian Power in the World.Irvin Studin, Assistant Professor in the School of Public Policy and Governance, University of Toronto..6 February 2014: Building Peace in the 21st Century: Reflections over 30 years.Peggy Mason, Formerly Canada’s Ambassador for Disarmament.30 January 2014: Nonviolence as Political Action.Jill Carr-Harris, Development worker in India on women’s empowerment.23 January 2014: Armed Conflict and Food Insecurity: A Global Challenge.Mustafa Koç, Professor of Sociology, Ryerson University.16 January 2014: Patents & Progress: What to do about Corrupt Medical Research Practices.James R. Brown, Professor of Philosophy, University of Toronto.9 January 2014: Education for Democracy in Peirce, James, Dewey, and Mead.Irving Zeitlin, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, University of Toronto.28 November 2013: Compensation, the Value of Life and the War on Terror.Emily Gilbert, Associate Professor and Director, Canadian Studies program and Department of Geography, UofT.14 November 2013: The Industrial Diet in Three Meals.Tony Winson, Professor and Associate Chair, Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Guelph.7 November 2013: Generating Rights for Communities Harmed by Mining.Jim Hodgson, journalist, Program Coordinator, Latin America and Caribbean, The United Church of Canada (replacing originally scheduled speaker Liisa North, Professor Emeritus, York University and Visiting Professor, Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences , Quito, Ecuador.)31 October 2013: The Initiative for UN Emergency Peace Service.Peter Langille, Senior Research Associate, Centre for Global Studies, University of Victoria.10 October 2013: Neither Conflict nor “Use it or Lose it”: Canada’s Arctic Extended Continental Shelf.Elizabeth Riddell-Dixon, Professor Emerita of Political Science at Western University.3 October 2013: Politics of Peace vs. Politics of Empire in the Middle East: Democratic Struggles, Neo-Ottoman Aspirations.Sedef Arat-Koç, Associate Professor, Department of Politics and Public Administration at Ryerson University.26 September 2013: Falling in Love with the Earth.Stephen Scharper , Associate Professor, School of the Environment, UofT.12 September 2013: Martin Luther King: A Global Perspective.Paul Dekar, Emeritus Professor of Theology, Memphis Theological Seminary.

Confronting a Nuclear Age spring 2013 series6 March 2014: Nuclear Energy – Dr Jeremy Whitlock – AECLThis talk was given by Dr Jeremy Whitlock for the Public Health in a Nuclear Age course given at University College (at University of Toronto, St George) by Metta Spencer and Science for Peace in 2014.4 April 2013: Necessary Changes in the Human FutureDerek Paul28 March 2013: Thorium ReactorsMichael McNamee21 March 2013: StressFrank Sommers7 March 2013: Can We Be Free of Nuclear Weapons and Still Have Nuclear Power?Gordon Edwards, Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility14 February 2013: Concerns About Fukushima and Clandestine Nuclear ActivitiesShawn-Patrick Stensil7 February 2013: Toward Nuclear DisarmamentVinay Jindal, Barbara Birkett31 January 2013: The Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation RegimeCesar Jaramillo24 January 2013: The Cuban Missile CrisisWalter Dorn17 January 2013: The Discovery of Nuclear Fission and the Development of the BombsAnna Jaikaran, Martha Goodings10 January 2013: Risk AwarenessMetta Spencer

2012-13 lecture series4 April 2013: Managing Without Growth: Slower by Design, Not DisasterPeter Victor, Professor of Environmental Studies, York University21 March 2013: The Making of Global Capitalism: The Canadian Model.Leo Panitch, Professor of Political Science, York University14 March 2013: From “Feeding the World” to Sustainable FarmingHarriet Friedmann, Professor of Geography, U. of Toronto14 February 2013: Competing Visions of Democracy in the Post-Soviet SpaceSeva Gunitsky, Asst. Professor of Political Science, U of Toronto31 January 2013: Lessons from Fukushima: Implications for Nuclear Safety InternationalShawn-Patrick Stensil, Staff of Greenpeace in Toronto24 January 2013: What Makes Up an Actual, Working Democracy?Duff Conacher, Coordinator of Your Canada, Your Constitution, Founder of Democracy Watch, Director of in Toronto17 January 2013: Toward a Billion More Trees in OntarioJohn Bacher, Preservation of Agricultural Land, Ontario10 January 2013: Honour-Killings: Women’s Safety in Honour-based CulturesAysan Sev’er, Professor Emerita of Sociology, U of Toronto29 November 2012: The Russian Quest for Peace and DemocracyMetta Spencer, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, U of Toronto22 November 2012: Biochar and Food Security: Dealing with the DroughtsLloyd Helferty, Engineering Technologist, Biochar Consultant15 November 2012: New Strategies for Dealing with Global ProblemsRon Craig, Prof of Communication & Design, Ryerson University8 November 2012: The Myth of the Muslim TideDoug Saunders, Journalist with _The Globe and Mail_1 November 2012: Disasters Without Borders: The International Politics of Natural DisasterJohn Hannigan, Professor of Sociology, University of Toronto25 October 2012: A Cultural Approach to Human SecurityPia Kleber, Prof. of Drama, Comparative Literature, U of Toronto18 October 2012: Peacebuilding and Local OwnershipTimothy Donais, Associate Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University11 October 2012: Security for All: But How and at What Price?Helmut Burkhardt, Professor of Physics Emeritus, Ryerson University4 October 2012: Networked individualismBarry Wellman, Professor of Sociology, University of Toronto27 September 2012: Global Warming and Human Security: Food and WaterDanny Harvey, Professor of Geography, University of Toronto20 September 2012: Fixing Canada’s Electoral System: Four FallaciesEllen Michelson, recent Green Party candidate13 September 2012: Wars Waged by the USA and Canada: Just, Unjust and Everthing In BetweenWalter Dorn, Chair, Canadian Pugwash Group

2011-12 lecture series12 April 2012: Russia and the West After the Cold WarSergei Plekhanov, Associate Professor of Political Science, York University5 April 2012: Should We Be Afraid? Real and Imagined Security Threats 10 years after 9/11Mark Sedra, Senior Fellow, Centre for International Governance Innovation and U. of Waterloo29 March 2012: Nonviolence in a Global WorldRamin Jahanbegloo, Professor of Political Science, University of Toronto22 March 2012: The Geopolitics of War in Afghanistan, Chechnya and KosovoValerie Zawilski, Associate Professor of Sociology, Kings University College, U. of Western Ontario15 March 2012: The Culture War in IranMohamad Tavakoli, Professor of History, Historical Studies, and Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, University of Toronto8 March 2012: The Traffic in Nannies: The Exploitation of Female Labor?Susan McClelland, Toronto-based Investigative Journalist1 March 2012: Corporate Law: What Has Sustainable Development Got to Do with It?Gail Henderson, SJD Candidate, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto26 January 2012: Democracy and the Decline of Great PowersVsevolod Gunitskiy, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Toronto3 November 2011: Economic and Social Security in the 21st Century: How Does Canada Stack Up Against other Wealthy Developed Nations?Dennis Raphael, Professor of Health Policy and Management, York University, Author of _Poverty in Canada_


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