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Science for Peace Calls for a Peaceful Settlement in Ukraine

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Science for Peace condemns the Russian decision to launch military action against Ukraine and its efforts to depose a democratically elected government. Although Russia has plausible security concerns about NATO’s eastward march to Russia’s borders, these concerns do not justify this all-out military offensive.

The Russian government’s diplomatic recognition of Donetsk and Luhansk, which are located on the territory of an internationally recognized state, drastically aggravated the security situation in the region. There are signs of an emerging security peril of global proportions.

During the past days, Ukraine’s civilian population has been subjected to intense military action. Casualties are rising; civilian infrastructure has been destroyed; civilians are seeking safety in subways and bunkers. Thousands are fleeing the devastation for secure areas within the country and abroad.

Science for Peace expresses its sympathy and solidarity with those who are suffering from the armed conflict. Together with other compassionate people, we must mobilize all efforts in providing humanitarian relief to the population under attack.

Major stakeholders must urgently deploy every effort to find a way to a just and lasting settlement. De-escalation of the crisis is reachable. Military action must cease, without any conditions. If talks are held, a formula for bridging differences can be found.

We support the Secretary-General of the United Nations in offering his good offices in resolving this crisis. Article 33 of the UN Charter enjoins the parties to disputes to seek a peaceful resolution through set procedures.

This is not the time to relent in the efforts to stop the conflict. Its deadly run must be halted. A peaceful settlement can be achieved.

© Eric Bridiers


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