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Nonviolence and the Quest for Democracy: How to Resist Authoritarianism Everywhere

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

A conversation with Maria Stephan

How do we resist authoritarian tendencies in countries throughout the world in a nonviolent manner? What tactics are most effective? Is nonviolent action inherently democratic? Maria Stephan is an award winning author and organizer whose work in academic, public-service, and non-profit sectors has focused on the role of nonviolent action and peacebuilding in advancing human rights, democracy, and sustainable peace in the US and globally. Following a brief presentation, SfP board members Arnd Jurgensen and Ellie Kirzner will engage Maria in conversation about her main ideas. This section will be followed by 20-minute Q & A session. Richard Sandbrook, vice-president of Science for Peace, will act as moderator.


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