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Eric Fawcett Memorial Lecture: "Give Cyber Peace a Chance" with Paul Meyer

Date: Thursday, October 27, 2016 at 7 pm Location: Room 140, University College 15 Kings College Circle, University of Toronto Facebook event page:

Video of the event

Sponsors: Science for Peace and Canadian Pugwash Group

Keynote speaker: Paul Meyer

Paul Meyer is an Adjunct Professor of International Studies and a Centre for Dialogue Fellow in International Security at Simon Fraser University. He is a Senior Fellow at The Simons Foundation. A former career diplomat in Canada’s Foreign Service (1975-2010) Paul served abroad in six diplomatic postings, including as Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN and Conference on Disarmament in Geneva (2003-2007) and in a variety of HQ assignments with a focus on international security policy. Since assuming his current positions in 2011, Paul has taught courses on multilateral diplomacy and pursued research interests relating to arms control and disarmament, outer space security and international cyber security. He has written extensively on these subjects for professional publications and media commentary.

Download the posters —all in PDF— for the event here:

  1. 2016 Eric Fawcett Lecture poster #1 (white background)

  2. 2016 Eric Fawcett Lecture poster #2 (black blackground, interactive)

  3. 2016 Eric Fawcett Lecture poster #3 (black blackground, image-based)


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