2019 Annual General Meeting agenda

Science for Peace Annual General Meeting June 20, 2019, from 6:00-9:00 pm University College, room 148


  1. Approval of Agenda

  2. Approval of 2018 Minutes (revised)

  3. Business arising

  4. President’s Report (Richard Sandbrook)

  5. Budget for 2019 (Stefanija Popovska)

  6. Reports of Committees:

  7. Events Committee (Adnan Zuberi)

  8. Endorsement Committee (Judy Deutsch)

  9. Approval of By-laws: Introduction and full text (Bill Browett)

  10. Report of the Blumenfeld Committee (Margrit Eichler)

  11. Report of Nominations and Election Committee (Rob Acheson)

  1. Election of Board members

  2. Election of honorary Board members

  3. Appointment of new Nominations and Election Committee

  4. Reports of Working Groups:

  5. Non-violence and Civil Society (Ellie Kirzner)

  6. Nuclear Weapons (Rob Acheson)

  7. Propaganda, Terrorism and Security (Adnan Zuberi)

  8. Community Sustainability (Lloyd Helferty)

  9. Ocean Frontiers (Venilla Rajaguru)

  10. Chemical Weapons (Nivedita Das Kundu)

  11. Drones (Mohamad Elyasi; proposal)

  1. Reports of Reps:

  2. UN Rep (Walter Dorn)

  3. CNANW Rep (Rob Acheson)

  1. Other business

Rationing, Moratoriums, Ending the Scourge of War – World War II Lessons for the Climate Emergency Talk by Judy Deutsch with discussion to follow

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