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2019 Annual General Meeting agenda

Science for Peace Annual General Meeting June 20, 2019, from 6:00-9:00 pm University College, room 148


  1. Approval of Agenda

  2. Business arising

  3. President’s Report (Richard Sandbrook)

  4. Budget for 2019 (Stefanija Popovska)

  5. Reports of Committees:

  6. Events Committee (Adnan Zuberi)

  7. Endorsement Committee (Judy Deutsch)

  8. Approval of By-laws: Introduction and full text (Bill Browett)

  1. Election of Board members

  2. Election of honorary Board members

  3. Appointment of new Nominations and Election Committee

  4. Reports of Working Groups:

  5. Nuclear Weapons (Rob Acheson)

  6. Community Sustainability (Lloyd Helferty)

  7. Ocean Frontiers (Venilla Rajaguru)

  8. Chemical Weapons (Nivedita Das Kundu)

  9. Drones (Mohamad Elyasi; proposal)

  1. Reports of Reps:

  2. UN Rep (Walter Dorn)

  3. CNANW Rep (Rob Acheson)

  1. Other business

Rationing, Moratoriums, Ending the Scourge of War – World War II Lessons for the Climate Emergency Talk by Judy Deutsch with discussion to follow

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