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Welcome Bob Baxter as the new editor of the _Bulletin_

From the New Editor

Robert M. Baxter

My professional background can be summarized as follows: B.Sc. (Chemistry), Mount Allison, 1947; Ph.D. (Biochemistry), McGill 1953. Research Officer, National Research Council, Ottawa, 1952- 61; Associate Professor and Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, Haile Selassie University, Addis Ababa, 1961-73; Research Scientist, Canada Centre for Inland Waters, Burlington, 1973-92; retired, 1992.

Much of my research has been concerned in one way or another with the application of biochemistry to environmental questions. In Ottawa I studied biochemical mechanisms of adaptation of certain organisms to extreme environments. In Ethiopia I was interested in the chemical limnology of tropical lakes. In Burlington I investigated biochemical pathways in the degradation of environmental contaminants. I have also been interested in the environmental effects of dams and impoundments.

I have had no experience of war.

If the Bulletin is to be anything more than a calendar of coming events, it will require the support of the members. You are therefore urged to submit anything that you feel might be interesting and suitable. Contributions might include the following:

References to articles or books on topics relevant to the concerns of the Society. These could include a brief summary or a more extensive review.

Short articles on matters of general or topical interest, especially in areas where the author has particular knowledge, either professional or personal (e.g. as a result of having lived in or visited a particular country). From time to time we may solicit articles from members who have volunteered to assist with research or education.

Letters to the Editor, and replies to previous letters. Comments on the role of the B_ulletin_ would be useful. You can reach me through the Science for Peace office, or at my home phone (416) 335-9677.

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