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Violence and Uncivil Society: The Unmaking of Peace

Please join us for a free public lecture on Wednesday January 13th from 7-9pm in Room UC 144 of University College ( 15 King’s College Circle, Toronto, ON M5S 3H7 ) at the University of Toronto’s St George campus:

Violence and Uncivil Society: The Unmaking of Peace


Robert Massoud

Facebook event page:

Peace is the Holy Grail of our time. It is the most sought after state of being in society and yet seemingly the least attainable. Is it rareness that makes it so desirable, much like diamonds? Is it merely a question of supply and demand? Continuing with the analogy of the market – what are the fundamentals of peace and its future prospects? Would you invest in peace?

In 2010 Robert Massoud founded Beit Zatoun (“the house of olives”), which is located at 612 Markham St., in Toronto. It is an attractive meeting place hosting speakers, films, art exhibitions and concerts and also houses a Fair Trade shop.

This event is part of a weekly series of talks entitled: “Vital Discussions of Human Security”. Please see for details on all of our upcoming events. Please see our YouTube channel for videos from past events.

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