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Science for Peace: What kind of future?

The Soviet empire crumbled some years ago. The search for world peace has widened to include very specifically the struggle for justice and improvement of the environment. Justice includes economic justice. What are your ideas? Obviously Science for Peace must find a new focus, one that encompasses the aspirations and passions of all its members, not just the Old Guard that brought SIP into existence twelve years ago.

At the meeting of 5 March, you will set the agenda. We shall follow the process known as Open Space Technology. We shall have present a professional facilitator. At an Open Space meeting all are on an equal footing. The ideas are put forward by the participants, and are developed in workshops throughout the day.

None of us knows what the results will be. But we do know that it will be fun, and that the results will be important. We also know that your presence is essential.

We call upon all the members in the Toronto area to keep this day free. But we also want to attract people from out of town Ejust make the effort and come. If you have nowhere to stay, we will try to find someone to accommodate you.

A notice giving you the details will be sent out about four weeks from now. Enquiries will be handled from the SIP office, (416-978-3606, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays). It will help us if you let us know that you are intending to come.

Join us on 5 March and put your imprint on our discussions.

Derek Paul President, Science for Peace

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