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Resolutions for the Canadian Peace Alliance AGM

Resolution on Canada’s Membership in NATO:

“Whereas NATO has expanded its original purpose of militarily defending countries in the North Atlantic to the more aggressive ambition of advancing their imperial interests, and principally those of the United States, globally;

Whereas its participation in NATO implicates Canada in military activities that undermine Canada’s role to be seen and to act as a peace-making nation;

Whereas the NATO commitment to the occupation of Afghanistan hampers Canada from extricating itself from a venture which is opposed by most Canadians;

Whereas the proposed expansion of NATO membership to the Ukraine, Georgia, etc increases the danger that Canada will be involved in other NATO conflicts;

Whereas NATO is refusing to abandon its nuclear weapons first-strike policy, thereby threatening a nuclear holocaust, and NATO’s expansion to Russia’s borders is causing Russia to develop new nuclear weapons;

Therefore, be it resolved that the Canadian Peace Alliance petition the Government of Canada to withdraw its membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.”

Resolution Endorsing the Nuclear weapons Convention:

“CONCERNED about the rising threats from the proliferation of nuclear weapons to new countries, the potential for terrorists to acquire or produce nuclear weapons, and the maintenance of nuclear weapons and policies to use them by States currently possessing such weapons;

BELIEVING that only way to ensure the prevention of nuclear proliferation and the achievement of global security is to move resolutely towards the complete prohibition and elimination of nuclear weapons;

TAKING SERIOUSLY the universal obligation, affirmed by the International Court of Justice, to achieve nuclear disarmament in good faith in all its aspects under strict and effective international control;

In solidarity with members of the Canadian Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, we therefore call on the Government of Canada to:

1. Call for multilateral negotiations that would prevent proliferation and achieve nuclear disarmament through a global non-discriminatory treaty – a Nuclear Weapons Convention;

2. Endorse the Model Nuclear Weapons Convention as a guide to the achievement of an actual treaty, and as an exploration of the legal, technical, institutional and political measures that would make possible the abolition of nuclear weapons.”

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