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Peace and Protest in the UK

From Peace News

  1. On June 21 the Uranium Weapons Network was launched as part of the Campaign Against Depleted Uranium.

  2. A bridal die-in was held to commemorate the bombing of a bridal party in Afghanistan, one of several bombings by US and NATO forces.

  3. Trident Ploughshares blockaded four gates at Aldermaston’s Atomic Weapons Establishment to protest the new nuclear weapons facilities.

  4. Protestors from Manchester’s Plane Stupid formed a human wheelclamp around a business jet.

  5. About 800 people attended the Carnival Against the Arms Trade at the EDO Brighton arms factory.

  6. Every Tuesday the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases meets to protest at the spy base at Menwith Hill.

  7. A Scottish Arms Conversion Agency is being suggested to demand that savings from not replacing Trident submarines go to local civilian jobs.

  8. In June “Boiling Over: Scotland’s Gathering for Climate Action” was hosted in Glasgow before the August Summer Camp for Climate Change, one of many peace camps.

  9. The Darby peace camp, set up opposite the Rolls Royce factory which makes power systems for nuclear submarine, continues to demand the factory be converted to peaceful uses.

  10. Also this summer was the launch of the Meat-Free Monday initiative supported by Sir Paul McCartney.

  11. A Coal Caravan toured the UK, blockaded a coal conference and invaded the offices of a construction company.

  12. In June the House of Lords ruled the use of secret evidence breaches human rights legislation. However Parliament vetoed a war crimes tribunal for Blair and Brown.

  13. People exposed to nuclear tests in the pacific in the 50s can now sue the government for resulting ill health.

  14. In most cases some protestors were arrested, tried in Court, fined and some were jailed. Many were members of the venerable Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

  15. For more information read “Faslane 365: A Year of Anti-Nuclear Blockades” ed. by Angle Zelter.

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