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New Science for Peace Board of Directors

At the Annual General Meeting on I May, elections to the Board, added to those members continuing in their second year of their term, produced the following list of the full Board:

  1. Patience Abah

  2. Eric Fawcett

  3. Margot Mandy

  4. Al Slavin

  5. Anne Adelson

  6. Myriam Fernandez

  7. Alex Michalos

  8. Jean Smith

  9. Janis Alton

  10. Terry Gardner

  11. Martin Muldoon

  12. Metta Spencer

  13. Bob Baxter

  14. Brydon Gombay

  15. Hanna Newcombe

  16. George Spiegelman

  17. Helmut Burkhardt

  18. Myron Gordon

  19. Peter Nicholls

  20. Gerhard Stroink

  21. Phyllis Creighton

  22. Franklyn Griffiths

  23. Alan Phillips

  24. Hershel Stroyman

  25. Ann Crosby

  26. Andrew Ignatieff

  27. Raj Ramanathapillai

  28. John Valleau

  29. Veronica Dahl

  30. Maureen Kapral

  31. Bill Robinson

  32. Jean-Guy Vaillancourt

  33. Stephen Dankowich

  34. Carolyn Langdon

  35. Robert Russell

  36. Joe Vise

  37. Chandler Davis

  38. Mark Leith

  39. Ian Russell

  40. Mel Watkins

  41. Tom Davis

  42. Lee Lorch

  43. Carol Sander

  44. Ross Wilcock PGS

  45. Walter Dorn

  46. Shawn Lovejoy

  47. Peter Shepherd

  48. Tanya Zakrison

  49. Cheshmak Farhoumand

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