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Metta Spencer represented S4P at a conference on European Peace and Security at Houthalen, Belgium. Of particular interest was a proposal of Albert De Smaele, a Belgian instrumental in generating the Helsinki Process, for a European “security zone” of all the nuclear weapons free European countries (30). The proposal, unaccompanied by implementation plans, was widely endorsed by Europeans as well as Russians present.

Quebec Chapter members Paris Arnopoulos, Chairman of the Canadian Assoc. for Futures Studies, Philip Ehrensaft, Chapter sec’y, and Jean-Guy Vaillancourt are coordinators of the tenth anniversary conference of the Futures Society June 6, 7, 8, in Montreal at the Univ de Montreal. Lynn Trainor, U of T, will be among the conferees. S4P members are welcome as discussants and places might be found for short papers even at this late date. Write Dr. Arnopoulos at Institut Gamma, 3764 Cote-des-Neiges, Montreal, P.Q. H3H 1V6.

With this issue you receive an invitation to subscribe to Montreal member Don Bates’ new publication, Thoughts on Peace and Security. Dr. Bates has chaired the McGill Study Group on Peace and Disarmament for several years.

Another S4P member, Robert Lamer is editor of another new journal Canadian Spectrum. Lead article in the first issue, “Star Wars: Shield – Sword”, explores views of Miroslaw Matuszewski, chair of the Cdn. Coalition for Peace through Strength, and Derek Paul secretary of S4P. The magazine will be published quarterly by the Intra-Professional Centre for Arms Control, R.R. #2 Lyndon, Ont. LOR 1TO.

Ursula Franklin (U of Toronto) was informed by letter April 22 that she was being appointed to the Atm& Energy Control Board. On April 23, in the morning,she discussed the required secrecy oath with the Board’s secretary, inquiring whether she would discuss the issues before the Board with colleagues. By 3 Pm of the same day she was notified by a policy adviser to Energy Minister Pat Carney that there had been an administrative foul-up and she had not been appointed after all. Miss Carney’s press secretary said the cabinet rejected the appointment because Prof. Franklin refused to sign the secrecy oath.

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