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Make Yours an SfP Project

Members’ Activities: All members are encouraged to undertake research or educational projects on behalf of Science for Peace in consultation with the Executive.

Amnesty International Urgent Action Notices: Response to appeals from Al (and other human rights organizations such as PHR, AAAS, PEN, etc.) on behalf of prisoners ofconscience is much more effective if made on the stationery of an organization such as Science for Peace, than simply by an individual in his/her own name. Several SfP members to our knowledge respond regularly to Al Urgent Action Notices, and we urge them (and others) to consider forming a Science for Peace Working Group on Human Rights to coordinate their efforts and to enhance their effectiveness in this way.

Amnesty International and AAAS now send their notices on e-mail, and I am willing to act as Coordinator to get the Working Group on Human Rights started by allocating these to its members -though the initiative to write a letter on behalf of a prisoner should in general come from the individual member. We should decide what format of stationery to use, with either the Advisory Council or Board Members listed with titles and affiliations on the front or reverse side.

If you are interested contact:

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