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I am editor of the Ottawa Peace Calendar. My husband and I are members of Science for Peace and thus receive your excellent newsletter, quotations from which I hope to include in our newspaper.

I met Eric Fawcett at the Fate of the Earth Conference in Ottawa a year ago. I am impressed and encouraged by the work and achievements of Science for Peace, especially in the Toronto Chapter.

— Pat Scrimgeour, Ottawa

Note: The Ottawa Peace Calendar is published monthly by the Ottawa Peace Resource Centre, P.O. Box 4075, Station E, Ottawa K1S 5B1.

Even in Psychology the most obscure research seems to find grant money from the US Office of Naval Research. This kind of reliance is not far removed from that of uranium refinery workers in Port Hope or of the Litton employees in Rexdale. In a helpless situation it is prostitution.

— Craig Summers, Kingston

George Ignatieff spoke at the first plenary session of the annual conference of the Group of 78 on 25 September. The session, chaired by Canada’s Disarmament Ambassador, Douglas Roche, was concerned with “constructive internationalism”. Addressing the question, “UN: A Security Alternative for Canada”, was a second plenary panel in which SfP board member Hanna Newcombe participated. Other SfP board members contributing to the deliberations were Eric Fawcett, Janet Wood and UN representative Walter Dorn, who served as recorder for the meeting of the working group on UN Peace-Keeping and Regional Conflicts.

— Walter Dorn, Toronto

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