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Who is Eric Fawcett? Some think he is the founding president of Science for Peace, others say he created SPIN, the Science for Peace International Network. Or you’ll hear it said that within Science for Peace he started the Working Group on Ethical Considerations in Scholarship and Science. All these are true, but since exhaustive lists of his deeds are not available, we in the Greater Toronto area will focus our appreciation for a moment on a single local manifestation of his energy: his production of the University College Lectures in Peace Studies, or in casual parlance, “the lecture series”.

Eric handles the selection of events and speakers, the funding and the publicity, with all attendant correspondence; he invokes a little artful delegation, but works for the most part single-handedly.

The results? Well, take a look at this Bulletin, Vol.13, No.3, November ’93 (page 10): the November 11th panel “Non-Violent Action — in Defence of Canada?”, the November 23-24th Workshop on United Nations Reform, and the December 1st Pugwash Panel “Ethnic Conflicts; Can Scientists Help?” A stellar three weeks!

O Eric F., we stand in awe of thee! 10n thanks, (n exceeding 3).

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