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Governments Lie

At the end of a lecture to journalism students I.F.Stone always left them with two words of advice that they should never forget: “Governments Lie!” A recent promotional piece sent out by the Federal Conservative government has to be viewed with that in mind.

Against a background of a faded picture of a Canadian soldier and a clear one of an enormous tank is the message, “THEY PROTECT US.” From whom, one wants to ask; but they avoid answering.

In another space is the question: “Do you support the Harper government investing in the Canadian Forces and giving them the tools they need?” Above that are pictures of two planes, the new one being much larger than the old one. For what do they need new and larger planes? Is it to drop more bombs to kill more people and destroy their homes?

There is no implication that it is to help Afghanis and yet Peter MacKay is quoted as saying: “We can all be proud of the great work that the Canadian Military is doing, both here at home and overseas, in places like Afghanistan.”

The final insulting statement is, “With a strong military, we have a safe and secure Canada. The Harper government is making sure that our True North stays strong and free. We are again a leader on the world stage and are ensuring that Canada’s voice is heard.”

I think you will agree that I.F. Stone’s words are an appropriate retort to all that nonsense.

To protect us we need support for more and better public services such as public transit, education, housing and infrastructure. More money for the military to kill other people who have done us no harm is an obscene waste of resources and very cruel.

Revenue from a peace tax could provide a measure of real security whereas more military action jeopardizes that security. (Contact Conscience Canada:

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