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From the Editor

In this issue we present messages from our new president, Eric Fawcett and our new Membership Secretary, Shirley Farlinger. There is nothing for me to add to these thoughtful and eloquent statements. I would however like to call your attention to two important meetings announced in these pages. One is our Annual General Meeting on May 6 and the other the conference on Knowledge Tools for a Sustainable Civilization, which a limited number of Science for Peace members may attend for a greatly reduced registration fee. These both should provide exceptional opportunities for exchange of views on matters of the greatest concern to us.

Marion Dove has brought to my attention an error in my report on the visit of Noam Chomsky in the December issue of this Bulletin (Vol.14 No.5). I ought to have said that the Lois and John Dove Memorial Lecture on October 24 was sponsored by the John and Lois Dove Memorial Lectureship, a fund established in 1989 in memory of her late parents, Lois and John Dove. The Dove Memorial Lecture Committee invited Professor Chomsky to Toronto and its Chair, Sue McClelland, coordinated his trip. His visit to Toronto was organized by the Dove Memorial Lecture Committee in collaboration with Science for Peace, the Student Christian Movement and the Near East Cultural and Educational Foundation, which jointly sponsored Professor Chomsky’s public lecture on October 25.

Have a happy spring.

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