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Franz Blumenfeld Peace Foundation, Annual Report

This report covers the period from January 1, 1999 to December 31, 1999.

Status of the Fund as of December 31, 1999

Equity in the fund was $53,788.55, down $3,096.15 from December 31, 1998. During this period we received one donation of $100.00 from Derek Paul.

Financial Transactions during the Period

  1. April 23: $400.00 to Voice of Women for a public education panel on women and security.

  2. April 23: $1,000.00 to Voice of Women for their Culture of Peace project.

  3. June 15: $500.00 to Reel World Productions for a documentary on children in Nicaragua affected by the Contra war.

  4. June 15: $500.00 to Chesmak Farhouomand-Sims to attend a peace conference in Geneva.

  5. September 17: $1,000.00 to the Pacific Campaign for Disarmament and Security for a project to document and publicize the new militarism in the Asia-Pacific countries.

  6. December 3: $500.00 to Voice of Women for a training session on legal tools for NGOs.

  7. December 3: $500.00 to the Peace Research Institute (Dundas) to prepare a summer school on the culture of peace.

  8. December 3: $1000.00 to the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom to help reprint and distribute a second edition of their pamphlet on globalization.

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