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The members’ publications listed in the fall, 1984 Bulletin are still available from Science for Peace office.,

Dian Cohen & Kristin Shannon, The Next Canadian Economy, 1984, Eden Press, 203 pages, $9.95.

Bhupendra Jasani & Christopher Lee, Countdown to Space War, 1984, a SIPRI publication, 110 pages, $10. Order from Taylor & Francis, Inc. 242 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19106-1906. U.S.A.

Those who have been too busy saving the world to do their Christmas shopping before January can still order the 1985 Children’s Peace Art Calendar: “A Child’s View of Peace”. A single copy (including postage) costs $5.75, 5-9 copies $5.30 each, 10-99 $4.85 each, and 100 or more $4.20 each (7% provincial sales tax must be added) from The Vancouver Peace Centre Society, 1520 West 6th Ave., Vancouver, B.C. V6J 1R2, tel: 604-734-4141.

The December 1984 issue of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists contains a teaching guide on nuclear war which will be of interest to many members of Science for Peace. Intended as a primer for college and university teachers, it also gives suggestions for inter-institution programmes. Separate articles are included on each of the following disciplines: the physical sciences, mathematics, engineering, biological and ecological sciences, history, the humanities, religious studies, medicine, law, journalism and mass communications, and education.

Hanna Newcombe has edited a 1984 supplement to the Peace Research Abstracts Journal: World Unification Plans and Analyses. This selection from Peace Research Abstracts Journal includes contributions on world constitutions, general plans and models of alternative world futures, U.N. charter reform proposals, historical and economic analyses of the future, relationships to other ideas of peaceful change, etc. Copies of this supplement (128 pp., price $15.00) may be obtained by writing to Dr. Hanna Newcombe, Peace Research Institute – Dundas, 25 Dundana Ave., Dundas, Ontario L9H 4E5. Copies of the 1980 edition of World Unification Plans and Analyses (259 pp.) may be ordered at the same price from the same address.

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