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DEMILITARIZATION “The Military/Security complex and Canada, Palestine/Israel, and climate change”


Dr. Rand Askalan Matthew Behrens Judy Deutsch

This event is in solidarity with the Global Day of Action Against Military Spending Date / time: Monday, April 18 at 7pm Place: Beit Zatoun – 612 Markham St. Toronto, ON M6G 2L8 Donations: $5/$10/ or pwyc

Dr. Rand Askalan is a Toronto-based physician who has organized humanitarian relief for the victims of Israel’s wars and siege of Gaza. She has just returned from Gaza and from the West Bank. Her efforts have led to Canadian contributions of $85,000 for a fully equipped ambulance, for a therapist to provide rehabilitation training at the Right to Live Center in Gaza, for intensive care medical equipment to a hospital in Hebron, to the Palestinian Healthy Child Fellowship program at Sick Kids Hospital, and to the founding of the Palestinian Canadian Physicians Society.

Matthew Behrens is a freelance writer and social justice advocate who coordinates the Homes not Bombs non-violent direct action network. He writes regularly for NOW magazine and for Rabble where his column “Taking Liberties” examines connections between national security and civil liberties. Behrens has worked closely with the targets of Canadian and U.S. “national security” profiling for many years.

Judy Deutsch is former president of Science for Peace. She taught a course on climate justice at the University of Toronto and writes frequently about climate change and the military. She is a psychoanalyst and gave a keynote paper at the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme/World Health Organization conference on the Gaza siege, held in Ramallah in 2008. Her paper is now published in the book Psychoanalysis, Collective Traumas and Memory Places.

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