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The Bulletin has a consignment of Walter Dorn’s Peace-Keeping Satellites, published by Peace Research Reviews, PRI-Dundas, which may be advantageously ordered by members with an IUTS address. Cost of the book is $8.00. For those members outside the IUTS area, orders should be placed directly with PRI -D, 25 Dundana Ave., Dundas, Ont.,Canada, L9H 4E5.

The October-November issue of Peace Magazine (736 Bathurst St. Toronto, Canada MSS 5R4) carries another article by Walter Dorn, “PAXSAT: A Canadian Initiative in Arms Control”.His review of the CIIPS-SfP Satellite Surveillance Workshop (7 July) ‘will be available from the Bulletin. It will be one of the first of the long-awaited “SfP Occasional Papers” prepared by the Publications Committee.

Gensuikin News (publication of the Japan Congress Against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs) for Summer, 1987, takes a comprehensive look at “The Present State of Nuclear Power in Japan”. With photographs, tables and maps illuminating the text, in a few pages a fairly clear picture emerges. The Bulletin will copy for you on request. The publication is in English. By the way, you can subscribe directly: address: 4th floor, Akimoto Bldg. 2-19, Tsukasa-cho, Kaneda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

Current changes in personnel and potentially in programs at the United Nations makes a re-reading of John Holmes’ little booklet, BEHIND THE HEADLINES; The United Nations in Perspective, important. From the CIIA, 15 King’s College Circle, University of Toronto,Toronto, Canada MSS 2V9.

A somewhat different perspective on the United Nations emerges from the Stanley Foundation report, “The United Nations and the Future of Internationalism”, a report of the 22nd UN of the Next Decade Conference sponsored by the Foundation. The dominant outlooks expressed in the two documents are those of a middle power and a super power — the convergences are important.

Stanley Foundation publications are available directly from the Foundation at 420 East Third Street, Muscatine, Iowa 52761 USA.

A March, 1986 paper by Arnold Simoni, Regional Conflict Resolution — Background Paper,is as relevant today as when first offered through the Bulletin. ,Discussion relating to Central America especially so.

Robert Malcolmson, Moral Virtue and Nuclear Strategy, an essay in the Autumn 1987 issue of CIIPS magazine, Peace & Security. Requests to CIIPS.

Yves Belanger and Pierre Fournier of the Groupe de recherche sur l’industrie militaire et la reconversion have published a working paper on the Canadian military economy: L’industrie militaire canadienne et la problematique economique gouvernementale (Note de recherche no. 35, Dept. de science politique, UQAM). The paper can be obtained for $2 from Prof. Belanger, Dept. de science politique, UQAM, C.P. 8888, Succ. A, Montreal, P.Q. H3C 3P8 Canada.

The Redemption of Science was title of Anatol Rapoport’s contribution to an international conference on science, the humanities and religion, Converging Realities, which constituted the twelfth annual conference of the Association for Baha’i Studies at Princeton University October 22-25.

Prof. Rapoport’s paper for the Princeton Conference is available from the Bulletin.

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