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Christian Bay, On the Contest between Politics and Pseudopolitics, paper delivered at 9th annual meeting of the International Society of Political Psychology,Amsterdam, July, 1986.

36th Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs. Papers available on request:

  1. List of participants

  2. George Ignatieff, The Role of Non-Nuclear-Weapons States in Efforts to Reduce the Nuclear Danger Within Alliances.

  3. Reports of Working Groups:

  4. No. 1 Nuclear Arms Race

  5. No. 2 European Security

  6. No. 3 Role of Non-nuclear Weapons States in Efforts to Reduce the Nuclear Danger

  7. No. 4 Non-Military Aspects of Reducing East-West tensions

  8. No. 5 Interaction of Int’l Economic Relations with World Peace and Detente

The 7 August Mexico Declaration of the Group of Six: The Mexico Summit Document On Verification Measures

Russell Joyner, “Defense” and “Security”, a Semantic Analysis of These Concepts in American Life.

Rosalie Bertell, Facts Not Fiction “about the meaning of releases of radioactivity from various uranium and nuclear fission activities and the impact of such releases on human health and the integrity of the biosphere”.

Chandler Davis (U of T), Having Come This Far: Collected Poems, A 60th birthday selection by his family.

Peter Meincke, Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution: The Keys to Canada’s Defence and Foreign Policies

Günther Schwarz, publisher,translator of the Bulletin (in part) each month for his German Speaking Public in Central Europe. For a complete catalogue of Verlag DarmstHdter BlOtter’s publications, write for SfP office.

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