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We received the following letter in May 1995:

Dear Science for Peace:

In reading a back-issue of New Internationalist Magazine on biotechnology I came across the name of your organization. I am a volunteer on the Board of Directors of the Conservation Council of New Brunswick (CCNB), a provincial environmental group. We are assembling a policy on the “bovine growth hormone” issue and since this is my first major consumer encounter with the growing influence of biotechnology, I am trying to gather some information about this field of science and its possible implications. I would like to know something about your foundation, its focus, and possibly its point of view on the subject in question. (Name withheld)

All that could be said in reply to this letter was that Science for Peace may have expertise among its members on this and other questions relating to biotechnology, but we have no point of view, since none of our members has come forward with a proposal to study the issues.

If you do indeed have expertise, please consider undertaking a study, at least to feel that you can write with some authority on behalf of Science for Peace to a Parliamentary Committee reviewing the BGH issue, as we were recently asked to do by the Council of Canadians.

Contact: e-mail: Fax: 416-978-7606

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