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82.62. National Academy Of Sciences Resolution

From the NAS, 2101 Constitution Ave., Washington, DC 20416 comes the following resolution, dated April 27, 1982:

Nuclear War and Arms Control

  1. Whereas nuclear war is an unprecedented threat to humanity;

  2. Whereas a general nuclear war could kill hundreds of millions and destroy civilization as we know it;

  3. Whereas any use of nuclear weapons, including use in so-called “limited wars,” would very likely escalate to general nuclear war;

  4. Whereas science offers no prospect of effective defense against nuclear war and mutual destruction;

  5. Whereas, the proliferation of nuclear weapons to additional countries with unstable governments in areas of high tension would substantially increase the risk of nuclear war;

  6. Whereas there has been no progress for over two years toward achieving limitations and reductions in strategic arms, either through ratification of SALT II or the resumption of negotiation on strategic nuclear arms;

Be it therefore resolved that the National Academy of Sciences calls on the President and the Congress of the United States, and their counterparts in Soviet Union and other countries which have a similar stake in these vital matters;

  1. To intensify substantially, without preconditions and with a sense of urgency, efforts to achieve an equitable and verifiable agreement between the United States and the Soviet Union to li it strategic nuclear arms and to reduce significantly the numbers of nuc ar weapons and delivery systems;

  2. To take all practical actions that could reduce the risk of nuclear war by accident or miscalculation;

  3. To take all practical measures to inhibit the further proliferation of nuclear weapons to additional countries;

  4. To continue to observe all existing arms control agreements, including SALT II; and

  5. To avoid military doctrines that treat nuclear explosives as ordinary weapons of war.

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