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2017 Annual General Meeting: Agenda

Science for Peace Annual General Meeting June 24, 2017, from 2-5 pm

Croft Chapter House, University College 183 15 King’s College Circle


  1. Approval of Agenda

  2. Approval of Minutes

  3. Business arising

  4. President’s Report (Metta Spencer)

  5. Treasurer’s Report (Bill Browett)

  6. Overall picture

  7. Budget for 2017 for approval

  8. Reports of Committees:

  9. Blumenfeld Committee (Eryl Court) — see attached report

  10. Communications Committee (Bill Browett) — see attached report

  11. Publications Committee (Martin Klein) — see attached report

  12. Report of Endorsement Committee (Judy Deutsch) — see attached report

  13. Report of Nominations and Election Committee (Paul Hamel)

  14. Proposal to create new committees:

  15. Digital Communications

  16. Financial management

  17. Fundraising

  18. Internships

  19. Membership

  20. Election of Board members

  21. Appointment of new Nominations and Election Committee

  22. Reports of Working Groups:

  23. Cold War II? (Leon Kosals)

  24. Community Sustainability WG (Lloyd Helferty) — see attached report

  25. Cyber Security (Jack Gemmell) — see attached report

  26. Drones (Michel Duguay) — see attached report

  27. Freedom for Research (Chandler Davis) — see attached report

  28. Global Governance (Helmut Burkhardt) — see attached report

  29. Militarism (Judith Deutsch) — see attached report

  30. Non-violence (Ellie Kirzner) — see attached report

  31. Nuclear Weapons (Rob Acheson) — see attached report

  32. Ocean Frontiers (Venilla Rajaguru) — see attached report

  33. Report of WG Coordinator (Martin Muldoon) — see attached report

  34. Reports of Reps:

  35. UN Rep (Walter Dorn) — see attached report

  36. CNANW Reps (Rob Acheson) — see attached report

  37. Other business

  38. Discussion of SfP stance towards NATO

  39. Summary of results of NATO survey (Bill Browett)

  40. Open discussion (Creighton/Browett paper re NATO)

  41. Science for Peace action re increased military spending

  42. Other business

There will be a party for everyone after the meeting.

The new board will have a short board meeting right after the AGM.


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